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Servo Stabilizer Air Cooled

Capacity Available Upto 250kVA

Servo Voltage Stabilizer (Air Cooled)

Servomax Limited is gratified to render competent Three-Phase Air-Cooled Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers. Unexpected voltage fluctuations are not uncommon often; devastating accidents and damages associated with these voltage variations are to be avoided for enduring life of the machinery and appliances. We provide outstanding defense assurance for the equipment working with three-phase AC power.

These spectacular units of Servomax Limited are manufactured by first-class raw materials – copper is the extensive chosen material for the buildup of our three-phase air cooled servo stabilizers. We develop these units with three servo motors – the design includes the best start connection to enable appropriate setting of the voltage output. Our extensive air-cooled units are here to satisfy the customers seeking an economic stabilization means. As no lubricant is required to cool the unit, the associated building cost obviously gets reduced.

Servomax Limited accustoms to standards of IS, CE, etc. to satisfy the customers demanding three-phase voltage stabilization. We are involved to produce and provide these units with a capacity range up to 250kVA. Our enthusiastic engineers work to tune the units as per the customizations with respect to size, model, capacity, and purpose. Digitalized supplies, elegant visual displays, and other accessory considerations are added to enhance user-friendly accommodation.

Granted for trust and safety, we deliver our potent three-phase air-cooled servo controlled voltage stabilizers to fulfill diversified applications like –


  • CNC, VMC Machines
  • Industrial applications
  • IT applications
  • Automobiles equipments
  • Air-conditioners
  • Elevators
  • Construction devices
  • Household appliances
  • Lightning purposes
  • Metal-processing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Television sets
  • Textile industry

Benefits of Three-Phase Air-Cooled Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers:

  • Economical
  • Available in assorted sizes
  • Enable higher capacities
  • Highly efficient
  • Assure stable output under severe unbalanced conditions

Best Protection:

These units are the best assurance for many protections including –

  • Single Phasing Prevention
  • Output Electronic Overload Protections
  • Phase Reversal Protection
  • Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB
  • Input Overload Protection with MCB
  • Output Low Voltage Protection
  • Output High Voltage Protection
  • Audio Alarm for Protections
  • Surge Suppressor Protection
  • Bypass/Change over switch Protection


Our units are disposed with certain indications to enable better outlook for the users. These include -

  • Mains Input on 3 LED Indications
  • 3-Phase Output on Indication
  • Phase Reversal Indication
  • Overload Indication

Indications in LCD Display

Our units are enhanced with indications in LCD Display for visual appeal. These include –

  • Input High and Input Low
  • Output on Indication
  • Output High Cut-off and Output Low Cut-off

Programmable Parameters

  • Output Voltage Set (210-245V)
  • Output Low Voltage Cut-off
  • Output High Voltage Cut-off
  • Input Low on LCD Display
  • Input High on LCD Display
  • Sensitivity/Regulation
  • Overload Cut-off
  • CT Full Scale

Programmable Control Timings

  • Overload Cut-off Time
  • Auto Restart Time
  • On and Off Delay Time

Programmable Controls

  • Display Scrolling – Auto / Manual
  • Start / Stop Buttons
  • Menu / Start / Stop / Reset / Log Button
  • Data Log: Last 100 fault events log with Date and Time stamp and works on FIFO basis.
  • Very important for CSD
  • Analysis Problems
Input Voltage Range 300-460V / 340-480V / 360-460V AC 3Ph
Output Voltage (3-Phase) 415V AC
Connections Star
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Output Voltage Adjustable 380V to 415V AC in 3-Phase
Output Voltage Regulation +1% (No Load)
Output Voltage Regulation +1% (Full Load)
Overload Capacity 120%
Correction Rate 60 / 30 / 25V per sec – 3 phase
Waveform Distortion Nil
Output Waveform True Reproduction of Input
Insulation Class F
Short Circuit Period and Percentage 300% for 250 milli sec
Normal Operation Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Climate Conditions 90% Rh Max. Non-Condensing at 35°C
Type of Cooling Natural Air-Cooled up to 600kVA
Mode of System Fully Automatic
System Construction As per IS: 9815 – 1994

Salient Features

Here are the specific salient features of our Three-phase Air-cooled Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer.

  • Quick response time of 10 milli sec (half a cycle)
  • Very high efficiency above 99%
  • Excellent regulation as high as +/- 0.5%
  • “Micro-controller” controlled system
  • Wide input range of operations and high speed of correction

Metering on LCD Display

  • 3 ph Input voltage ph to ph and ph to Neutral
  • 3 ph Output voltage ph to ph and ph to Neutral
  • System Frequency
  • Output Current on each ph
Servomax repair services

Servomax Limited Service Division Service Division (CSD)

Through the brand of Servocare, assures world-class service for various power-conditioning and power-saving products. We are specialized in servicing different kinds of transformers, stabilizers, control panels, and UPS – our service branches are spread across Pan India.

The service team of Servocare includes technically-proficient and experienced Engineers...

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