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A Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an appropriate electrical device to deal with the frequent voltage fluctuations. It’s designed with the special ‘servo’ mechanism and hence, named after it.

Why do you need stabilizers?

As known, Servo Voltage Stabilizers rely on sufficient power supply to perform various home-based, office, or industrial operations. But, can we continue these activities if we face power voltage fluctuations? Obviously, no. If such alterations are very frequent, then it is quite bothersome and irritating. But, Servo Voltage Stabilizers remove such serious concerns and help you in many ways.

Generally, voltage fluctuations occur due to many reasons. Overloading, loose connections, interference, natural calamities, strong winds, and others cause deviations in the voltage power supply. However, over and under-voltages can temporarily or permanently damage the important parts of electric equipment. This stops or interrupts their routine normal function. To avoid this, we need to use appropriate devices like stabilizers to correct the deviated voltage levels.

Servo Stabilizers are the ideal stabilizer models that not only protect simple appliances like refrigerators and televisions, but also complicated, sensitive, and costly equipment like medical equipment, computers, CNC machines, telecommunication equipment, and other industrial machinery. Click Here

A Servo Voltage Stabilizer enables –

  • Equipment Protection
  • Elongated Durability of Appliances
  • High-levels of Safety
  • Adequate Power Usage
  • Feasible Customization

These stabilizers are also special because they are formulated with high-correction speed and accuracy – hence, they occupy a mandatory place in many applications.

What is a Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

Servo voltage stabilizers are the stabilizers that run based on ‘Servo Mechanism’. They automatically identify the voltage change and act accordingly to stabilize the output with the help of special moving parts.

They work with high efficiency – they are capable to stabilize the voltage supply within less time. This is possible only because of its most significant part called ‘Servo Motor’. A servomotor is a motor that runs in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to enable voltage regulation.

Though servomotor is the main component of a servo stabilizer, it has other parts that are significant in their function.

Parts of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer

  1. Dimmer
  2. Buck Boost Transformer
  3. Servomotor
  4. Contactor
  5. MCB, MCCB
  6. Electronic Circuit
  7. Carbon Brush

Let’s know the speciality of each of these parts.

  1. Dimmer

It is also called a ‘Variable Transformer’. About 50% of the voltage correction is done by this dimmer.

It is circular having a base that is generally made with Silicon CRGO toroidal core. It has copper wires of high-quality. Based on the capacity, the wires with a specific turn ratio are to be used to make the dimmer. The main function of this dimmer is to increase or decrease the voltage levels and send to the buck-boost transformer.

  1. Buck Boost Transformer

As its name, it steps-down (buck) and steps-up (boost) the voltage levels from the input. It is very important to use this buck-boost transformer in servo stabilizers because it can even regulate the lowest voltage levels of about 12V. So, it assures the finest voltage stabilization. This transformer is rectangular with EI CRGO core and designed with standard copper wires. The lamination and assembly are so perfect that is highly durable.


It is an electric motor that rotates an object at a certain specific angle to enable regulation of an electrical element. In these stabilizers, this motor moves in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to increase or decrease the voltage levels with the help of the idealistic controlled device set in it.

  1. Contactor

It controls the voltage limit of the stabilizer and ensures the safety of the device.

  1. MCB, MCCB

They are used for protection against over and under voltages. The MCB is meant to act during short circuits and MCCB to work during overloads. They switch on or off the stabilizer and provide the best protection.

  1. Electronic Circuit

The electronic circuit is perfectly done to connect the different parts like servomotor, dimmer, buck-boost transformer, and others.

  1. Carbon Brush

By the name, you can understand its function – it is like a brush moving in either direction. It is attached to a shaft that is connected to the dimmer.

With the help of these main components and other additive devices like ammeter, voltmeter, and so on, Servo Voltage Stabilizers precisely adjust the voltage levels. Thereby, they are excellent in protecting different kinds of electric and electronic equipment. They can be designed in different ways to give a stabilized voltage output to single-phase and three-phase power supply systems.

Servomax Limited, one of the best servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, designs and manufactures single-phase servo stabilizers and three-phase servo stabilizers for domestic, industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Understanding the requirements of our customers, we offer the best-fit air-cooled and oil-cooled servo stabilizer models with different capacities and sizes.

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