Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here at we give higher importance to your privacy and security. We ask you to provide your personal information for your desired services – this is, however, ensured safe and exclusive. Servomax Limited promises to keep the information locked up securely – there will be no worries and issues, in fact, it is meant only for the business dealings. We suggest you go through this privacy policy to know what information we collect and how we use and protect it.

Servomax Limited is the best manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and exporter of power-conditioning and power-saving products. It’s our responsibility to gather online information on what product or service you need and serve the best. May it be individual or commercial or industrial service, we need your personal information which is required to enable better services on-time.

We, at Servomax Limited, ask your name, mobile number, email, and inquiries for assuring the finer reach of the desired and customized product or service. This online personal information is asked in some cases like –

  • You wish to query about a product or service.
  • You want to post a feedback.
  • You are ready to register a recently purchased product.
  • You are willing to know about the owned product.
  • You are likely to participate in voluntary online surveys.

The personal identifiable information is the only means for us to help us respond to your requests and maintain the best business-to-customer relationship.

How do we use this personal information?
We use this information to carry out the requested service like –

  • It helps to allow giving requested information about the product or service queries.
  • We use the data to give answers to your queries.
  • It is taken for delivering the right product or service at your location.
  • We also use this data for promotions –marketing the related product or service ranges you may be interested in.

Often, Servomax Limited is engaged in conducting certain surveys to know how far our products and services are used, how people rate their efficiency, etc. We derive assertive details and require certain personal data to keep going in an effective way and successfully finish the survey. However, upon your obligations and demands, if necessary, we wish to share the information with other companies for fulfilling the customized requests. Without this, we may not be able to accomplish the features and services you use through our website. The details remain confidential and are not supposed to any kind of unlawful treatments. Furthermore, we also enable our employee logins, other sign-up information, and social media-related integration safe and secured.

Servomax Limited consistently performs qualified website audits to be aware of the website traffic and activity like –

  • Number of people who visit our website.
  • Most-visited pages in the site.
  • Duration of the visits.

We use special ad networks, commenting plug ins, cookies, web server logs, and other scripts to collect such direct and indirect information about the users. We are, therefore, enabled to consider the demographics, web browsing history, friends and family, and IP address and location thoroughly for our own improvement. However, for this non-private data collection, we do not need any of your personal information.

Our measures to protect your privacy

Our team is excellent in encryption and security of fragile elements – is responsible for securing your personal information with stringent elements like advanced access controls, secure socket layers (SSL), firewalls, encryption, and secured passwords. Unauthorized access by outsidersis perfectly prevented with numerous modernized security technologies.

Servomax Limited’s security considerations are regularly updated and improved to provide higher levels of privacy means to the users. Still, remember that sharing certain important information (like bank account numbers) to us through mail or inquiries is at your own risk –however, we assure you that such critical data which are more prone to hacks and threats are immediately deleted from the mail once the service is offered. However, better make such engagements personally and make strict and smart decisions as we do not guarantee for such illegal cyber cases.

Strictly follow our privacy policy if you are willing to arrange dealings with Servomax Limited. Good luck!

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