Why to Use the APFC Panels for Industrial Electric Appliances?

Without efficient power-based equipment, an industry cannot run properly. Control panels are significant appliances which play an important role in it. They enable spectacular and substantial power controls for different machinery. Thereby, they help to function normally. Control systems, especially, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are useful for various industrial and commercial applications. Servomax Limited is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of APFC Panels in India.

Most of you may have heard about these panels. But, we are not aware of why exactly we need them.

Here we provide a certain brief note on why to use APFC panels. However, before directly going to know about them, you need to know about an important consideration called power factor.

What is Power-Factor?

There are some general terms of electricity you need to know before you understand power factor.

Actual Power – It is the power supply that comes from source to the load and it is able to do some work. It is denoted by KW.

Reactive Power – It is the power which is generated in reaction to some delays in the voltages and current. However, it doesn’t account for any kind of work. It is denoted by KVAR

Apparent Power – The whole of actual and apparent power together form ‘Apparent Power’. It is represented by KVA.

Now, it is easy to understand about power factor.

Power Factor – It is the ratio of the Actual Load Power to the Apparent Power.

It, therefore, lets you know how much current is effectively used for work output. So, it is a very good indicator of efficient and substantial power usage.

Now, we will know the importance of power-factor in electrical appliances or industries.

Importance of Power-Factor in Electrical Appliances

Various industries, commercial complexes, and other areas use different kinds of electrical appliances. If the power supply to the concerned equipment is not able to give the substantial output of work, it means that the appliances are wasting the power usage from the source. So, the right measurable power factor is lagging. It can lead to –

  • Operational losses
  • Voltage or power losses
  • Higher electricity bills
  • Penalties

Unnecessarily, more power is demanded by such appliances. But the resulted operations are not evident. Simultaneously, the current bills will rise. The government will impose penalties for not utilizing the power successfully.

Improved or enhanced power factor, therefore, increases the electrical and electronic equipment performance.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels – Outstanding Control Systems to Use

There are many types of control panels which manage the power factor. However, automatic power factor control panels are more reliable and efficient. They are the magnificent control systems to use for various electric and electronic applications.

As the name suggests, APFC panels control the power-factor automatically. So, there will be minimum manual interventions. Also, there is no space for any kind of manual errors and misuses.

Technically, APFC panels have capacitor banks, switches, and controllers. All these elements together control the respective power-factor through microprocessor-based relays. Different types of APFC panels are designed nowadays to use for customized applications.

Why Use APFC Panels?

There are many reasons to use APFC panels. Some of them are given here.

  • Even under fluctuating loads, APFC panels ensure a higher consistent power factor.
  • They prevent the leading power factor.
  • They reduce electricity consumption and minimize current bills and penalties.
  • APFC panels reduce operational losses.
  • They can sense and control the load continuously without fail and delay.
  • They are easy to use as every operation is done automatically.
  • The panels can switch on or switch off the concerned capacitors so that consistent power factor is maintained.

Successful Applications of APFC Panels

With the best uses of APFC panels, they have profoundly excellent applications in –

  • Paper Mills
  • BPO Organizations
  • Granite Industries
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Malls and Multiplexes
  • Rice Mills
  • Cement and Paper Mills
  • Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospitals

This will be the best useful information for those who wish to introduce APFC panels in their organizations or industries. However, select a right and famous company like Servomax Limited to purchase the desired capacities of products. Its branded control panel units are standard for safe use of desired applications.