Power Quality – The Eventual Determinant for Your Business Success

The success of industrial organizations depends on several factors – one such eventual determinant is quality power. Without proper notice of power quality, your business may face many problems. Being alert in advance helps the businesses to enjoy success and avoid unnecessary losses. This post gives you a basic understanding of how the quality of power is useful for your business.

What is Power Quality?

Power quality is the measure of the quality of electricity – it is related to the quality of different characteristics including voltage and current, electrical efficiency, and reliability. As you know, much industrial equipment works by sufficient electrical supply. This is, however, possible with the help of power-based equipment like transformers, stabilizers power conditioners, UPS, etc.

Machinery and appliances of different industries work on specific ranges of electric power. If there is poor quality power, then it means that the range of power is not adequate for the machinery to work normally.

Therefore, power quality is very much important for any business to operate smoothly, gain benefits, and achieve success as well.

Common Factors of Power-Quality Disruptions

Various natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, fire accidents, etc. can cause interruptions in the quality of power supply. However, there are certain factors that alter power quality. Some of the common factors giving deviating the power quality are – power sags, surges, spikes, outages, and so on. Let’s know what they are.

  • Power Sags

Power sags are the short term low voltages occurring in the electrical supply. They may be caused due to weather, fires, animals, people, and equipment errors. They may result in loss of control, overheating of motors, sudden shutdown of systems, etc. Industrial equipment loses its normal functioning upon power sags.

  • Power Surges

Power surges are the short term high voltages which arise upon lightning and faulty switching operations. They damage the concerned industrial machinery and may disturb the regular operations.

  • Under-voltage and Over-voltage

Under-voltage and over-voltage may be caused due to natural disasters or manual errors. Upon such disruptions, there will be insulation damages that affect different types of industrial equipment.

  • Spikes

The sudden onset of an increase in line voltage is termed as a spike. Power spikes can greatly damage any type of electrical equipment. This is because if any appliance gets a high voltage level at once, then its internal parts will be damaged and result in improper functioning.

  • Frequency Variations

Substantial frequency levels are essential for power-based equipment. However, any changes in the frequency of the electrical waves can disrupt normal operations.

  • Harmonic Distortions

Sometimes, non-linear loads, electronic power supplies, and single-phase computers may cause harmonic distortions. They are nothing but the distortions from the normal line or waveform. With harmonic distortions, timing errors, overheating of certain electrical devices, and other such problems arise.

  • Power Outages

Power outages, complete loss of utility power, are caused generally during natural disasters.  Then, there will not be any proper quality of power supplied to industrial machinery.

  • Electrical Line Noise

Very high-frequency variations in the waveforms give rise to electrical line noise. Improper grounding, certain electronic devices, motors, and so on may cause noise. One can identify the noise by data errors, wavy screen, process control errors, etc.

  • Switching Transients

When there is an increase in the high voltage of the power instantaneously, then there will be switching transients. Suddenly, the electrical machinery cannot work upon switching transients.

Improper Power Quality Leads to Operational and Financial Business Losses

Many power disruptions like sags, outages, spikes, etc. are, therefore, responsible for interruptions in various industrial activities. As a result, your business will become slow. The machines and other sensitive equipment cannot work normally. You can’t finish your deals on-time.

There will be data losses, control mechanism errors, etc. The timely dispatch of services may be evident. Also, the quality of your products and services may have a negative effect.

So, ultimately, improper power quality leads to operational losses. Consequently, it can even cause financial troubles.

It is, therefore, important for the business owners to ensure good power quality to diversified electrical equipment.

How Can You Assure Quality Power for Your Business?

Interestingly, there is much power-based equipment that helps your business to assure efficient and good quality of power. They avoid the common power disruptions like sags, transients, etc. Power conditioners for voltage sags and transients, online and line-interactive UPS systems for power interruptions, and specialized K-rated transformers for harmonic variations are necessary.

Therefore, put an end to the power disturbances by finding the appropriate equipment like transformers, power conditioners, and UPS systems.

Servomax Limited is an outstanding enterprise offering reliable and standard power-conditioning and power-saving products at affordable prices in this competitive market. Servocare, the branded service of Servomax Limited, also assures the best service for such equipment. So, get ready to grab the right equipment for power quality and enable business success.

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