Servomax Limited – Power Solutions for Voltage Concerns.


Servomax Limited is one of the best Servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad. It has been the leading preference for various industries facing voltage problems. Its characteristic models of servo voltage stabilizers and other advanced power-based products fulfill the power demands of textile, mining, electrical, IT, metal processing, and other industrial applications.

Different Voltage Issues at Industrial Organizations

Industries handle huge electric equipment and machinery to enable large-scale operations. Without appropriate power voltage supply, all the important operations get disrupted. The common voltage issues at industries include voltage fluctuations, transients, and waveform distortions.

  • Voltage fluctuations include both under-voltage and over-voltage – they are the sudden decrease or increase of the voltage levels deviating from the substantial voltage needs. Certain sudden or continuous load adjustments cause such voltage fluctuations.
  • Transients, which are the sharp voltage changes for a shorter time period, occur due to internal or external circuit changes. They end up in oscillating and spikes of voltages. Lightning, electrostatic discharge, short circuits, inductive electric equipment, and other such events generally show electric transients. They can also interrupt the perfect operations of industrial equipment.
  • The other voltage issue rising in industries is the waveform distortion. Various waveform distortions including harmonic changes, noises, and DC offsets too are evident sometimes. They do generally reduce the power-efficiency and power-quality provided to the industrial machinery.

Power Disruptions Cause Unmanageable Losses to Industries

While substantial power voltage is immeasurably beneficial for industrial applications, power disruptions ruin the enterprise operations a lot. The businesses will end up in unmanageable losses leading to greater hassles. Various drastic issues like equipment damage, fire accidents, human life loss, etc. are not uncommon in any industry. Consequently, decreased productivity, degraded performance, and lagging business operations are evident. In addition to these, the enterprise may also get stuck in associated unmanageable financial troubles.

Servomax Limited Power Solutions – Right Saviors for Industrial Machinery

Whether it is a human loss, or equipment loss, or a financial loss, the ultimate effect is shown on the concerned industrial firm. Servocare by Servomax Limited assures zero occurrences of such losses for various industries! It offers prominent power solutions that include –

  • Servo stabilizers
  • Static Stabilizers
  • Power Conditioners
  • UPS

Servo stabilizers, designed by specialized servo motors, are engaged in controlling voltage fluctuations. Servomax Limited follows standard materials, methods, and protocols for manufacturing and testing the assorted varieties of servo voltage stabilizers. It is prominent in providing three-phase and single-phase servo stabilizers in oil-cooled and air-cooled models. The organization includes elegant LCD displays for indications, programmable control timings, and other specific parameters into the servo voltage stabilizer units for reliability, safety, and efficiency. They are provided to different industries based on the customized capacity ranges.

Servomax Limited excels itself in giving the best eco-friendly stabilizing means. It employs the latest cutting-edge technologies like IGBT technology to avoid the losses and maintenance associated with the servo stabilizers. However, it uses simple circuit based technologies in a smart way in the equipment to enhance better voltage regulations within no time. Servomax Limited static stabilizers are perfectly useful for various industrial applications.

Apart from the servo and static stabilizers, the leading business organization also offers splendid power solutions of power-conditioners to save the industrial equipment from sags, noises, etc. They improve the power quality by noise suppression and resolving the voltage alterations.

Industries do need a continuous power supply to enable persistent operations – Servomax Limited helps such firms to proceed with the important power-related activities by offering outstanding reliable online Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems.

Hence, in all ways, Servomax Limited power solutions offer –

  • Equipment Safety
  • Damage Prevention
  • Durable Appliances
  • Minimal Power Bills
  • Best and Timely Industrial Operations

However, Servomax Limited does not end up its customers by simply providing the power-conditioning and power-saving units. It is also engaged in the maintenance, repair, and other relative services of its varied product portfolio under the brand of ‘Servocare’. So, plan ahead for the customized power needs, and purchase the suitable power-based equipment to surmount your industrial voltage concerns.

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