Power Transformers

Function of a Industrial Power Transformer

In this technological era, electricity is a part and parcel of our life – it is the main driving force for various simple homely needs as well as complex organizational operations and industries. However, a substantial power supply is necessary to enable a smooth flow of these simple and complicated activities. Here come the prominent power amenities – power transformers – to cherish these power needs. Power transformers, the dynamic power devices, play an important role in providing adequate power to the end users. Truly speaking, without power transformers various operations at diversified locales including schools, homes, industries, etc. are not all possible. So, they are inevitably essential in different sectors. Here we go across to know where the power transformers are used.

What are Power Transformers?

Power transformers are one type of transformers which are engaged in the transfer of electricity between the power generator and the primary distribution circuits. Step-up and step-down power transformers are essential to assist better power distribution – they serve the specific locations and end-users with required power voltage. Power transformers have two distinctive sides of coils or windings

  • A low voltage higher current circuit on one side
  • A high voltage low current circuit on the other side

Working with the basis of Faraday’s Laws, the power transformers increase or decrease the voltage as per the situations demands. They are mostly used for high voltage power transfer applications. They are bigger in size and have higher insulation levels to bear harsh environmental conditions. They are strongly built by following strict standards and regulations. Power transformers have a lifespan of about 30 years with suitable adequate maintenance conditions.

Different Ranges of Power Transformers

On the basis of the capacity or range of the power transformer, they are classified into three types.

  • Small Power Transformers – Their capacities range from 3.15MVA to 20MVA
  • Medium Power Transformers – Their capacities range till 50MVA
  • Large Power Transformers – Their capacities range from above 50MVA

Where are they used?

Power transformers, as the name says, are so powerful. They are intended to supply the power to required industrial sectors. Oil Immersed Three-phase power transformers are popularly used for various applications.

Power Plants

Various thermal, solar, and wind power plants produce electricity at low voltages to enable cost-effectiveness. This power has to be supplied to the end users – power transformers step-up or increase the voltage of the power generated from the power generators. These higher voltages thereby associate lower currents – so, ultimately, lower power losses are evident. High capacity power transformers effectively raise the voltage levels, remember, they do not change the frequency of the current. Only the voltage level is increased and sent to the next levels for distribution.

Transmission Substations

The power transformers help in maintaining power grids. Power from the main power stations has to be supplied to the distributive transmission substations. The step-up power transformers increase voltage output from the main power source and send them to the substations. From the substations, the power has to be supplied for various end users according to their power requirements. As the domestic homely uses do not require high voltage power, the step-down power transformers are needed here to decrease the voltage. So, based on the necessities, step-up and step-down power transformers are used in the transmission substations with reduced current losses. Power transformers are highly efficient in voltage regulations – they are the reliable power-conditioning equipment inevitably used in power transmission.

Industrial Plants

Industrial plants like chemical firms, mining industries, pharmaceutical industries, and many others need 24×7 electrical power supply. Various equipment and machinery involved in such industries work under substantial voltage levels. Power transformers with customized specifications help in providing the required voltage output to the end equipment. In addition, they manage the voltage regulations and assure safety to the industrial equipment.

Traditional Electric Utility Companies

With the depleting resources of electricity in the world, various new innovations have come up to reach power demands. Various electric utility companies are involved in electricity generation, distribution, and regulation in the market – they need power transformers for maintaining voltage alterations. Different means of electricity generation including nuclear energy plants, hydro-electric power plants, wind, and solar power plants, and other traditional companies do require step-up and step-down power transformers which can withstand high voltages. As they are exposed to dust, air, heat, and other rigid means, they are built with high-quality raw materials and have greater strength.

Power transformers, therefore, accommodate diversified power-based services. Based on the power essentials, different capacities of power transformers have to be used with proper maintenance. An efficient power-transformer ensures safe and regulated voltage power from the main source to the required destination. Servomax Limited is one of the famous manufacturers and suppliers of power transformers for different industries, Government and power plants across Pan India.

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