What is the Significance of Using Isolation Transformer in UPS?

Generally, it is necessary to obtain the right power solutions to carry on our simple home deeds or outstanding industrial operations. UPS is a spectacular device that continuously offers a better quality power supply to enable the necessary activities even under severe unbalanced and imperfect power situations. However, in order to obtain a safe and secured service, we can embed certain other power means like isolation transformers in UPS systems. Go through this post to know the importance of using isolation transformers in UPS.

Before that, initially, just have a glance on the significance of these power duo solutions.

Isolation Transformer – An Absolute Solution for Safety

Like any transformers, isolation transformers are also designed as step-up or step-down transformers to increase or decrease the voltage levels. Yet, they are most significant for safety measures. With the galvanic isolation means, they save the equipment from unnecessary damage. They isolate the circuit or equipment from the main alternating power source. This is possible by the induction loop or the decreased AC voltage prior.

When the primary coils are more than that of the secondary coils in the isolation transformers, then the output voltage will be decreased. On the other hand, if the turns of primary coils are lesser than that of secondary coils, then the output voltage will be increased and supplied to the end equipment.

But, if the coils in both primary and secondary windings are the same, then the voltage levels will be the same – however, transformers that are designed in such way are used for safety deliberation. During unpredictable altered voltage disturbances, they separate the loads from the circuit – so they save them from being damaged.

UPS – Efficient and Power Quality Supplier

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply is the device that continuously provides power supply to equipment if there is a loss of power due to power failure or any other power issues. Significant components of UPS like rectifier, inverter, and battery enable perfect power supply without any delay. The battery of the UPS provides the power supply during a power failure.

Also, the rectifier in the UPS converts the AC power to DC power and the inverter converts it back to AC when needed during the power supply form battery. So, the UPS stands as an outstanding power device that provides efficient and quality power. So, much sensitive equipment, machinery, and other appliances will be working continuously – there will not be any data loss, operational loss, or financial loss.

However, in order to improvise the safety and the quality of the power supplied from the UPS, we can include the marvelous solution – isolation transformer.

Isolation Transformer in UPS – Effective Uses and Purposes

As you know, isolation transformers and UPS are separately used for various applications. However, at some places where utmost safety and secured power is needed, then we can use isolation transformers within UPS systems. Several valuable types of machinery, computer systems, and instruments can work efficiently when we use them together.

Here are some important reasons or the purposes why we use the isolation transformer in UPS.

  • Perfect Voltage Conversions

As you know, UPS is used in different sectors – however, the loads or the equipment to which current is supplied may not need the same voltage levels. So, the voltage output may not match the voltage requirement of particular equipment. Here comes the need to increase or decrease the voltage levels through isolation transformers.

So, step-up or step-down isolation transformers present within the UPS help in perfect voltage conversions. Thereby, there will be substantial power solutions at residences, commercial buildings, and industries as well.

  • 100% Safety

Isolation transformers are the perfect address for safety. They assure 100% safety to the end-use equipment. They give protection electric shock, over or under voltages, and other power issues.

The UPS provides high-frequency power is provided by the UPS systems and when it is supplied directly, there will be problems for equipment that do not have ground potential safety. When there is an isolation transformer in the UPS, then such damage is avoided by the utmost isolated safety mechanism. So, the equipment that is not grounded will also be assured the best safety.

For instance, medical equipment (like heart monitors or other instruments) or computer operations are so sensitive and need a continuous power supply. If they face any power problems and get damaged, then it’s quite difficult in the hospitals– there won’t be any accurate diagnostic or medical analysis. In the case of computer operations, there will be much loss of information. So, isolation transformers in UPS ensure high-levels of safety saving from unexpected losses.

  • Minimized Fault Current Supply

Often, power issues or fault current supply may be evident – but, their results will be minimized with the help of isolation transformers. So, the UPS will give an adequate power supply that is perfectly alright. Therefore, you can not only obtain continuous power supply but also supreme quality power.

  • Harmonics Management

Harmonic variations, noises, etc. are not uncommon in power supply. Certain isolation transformers are so designed to remove the negative effects of such noises. When the UPS provides output current, with the frequency variations, there may be noise disturbances.

With this, the end-use power quality will vary and create issues in the equipment. There may not be proper visual or audio on the screens, monitoring errors may occur, etc. Isolation transformers, when embedded in UPS, will reduce such harmonics defects also.

  • Easier Maintenance

Isolation transformers themselves are used for testing and servicing applications as they assure safety by galvanic isolation. They are used in assistance for servicing various equipment.

When you are servicing the isolation transformer-based UPS, then there the service team need not worry about the risks due to electric shock. So, the isolation transformer enables easier maintenance of UPS.

  • Spectacular Benefits

Ultimately, it is believed and proved that UPS with isolation transformers are much more powerful and advantageous than the UPS without them. They engage –

  • High robustness
  • HRG implementation
  • Fault management
  • Input/output configuration
  • Highly efficient
  • Flexibility and reliability

Now, you might have understood the significance of using isolation transformers in UPS. Therefore, when you are planning to purchase an effective UPS, consider the application definitely and choose the isolation transformer-based UPS from a reputed company. Servomax Limited is one such best organization manufacturing customized, standard and reliable UPS systems with isolation transformers for various applications.

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