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Without appropriate appliances, our life is not at all possible today. Among the abundant power-based devices, transformers have an important role in providing substantial current supply. Isolation transformers and ultra-isolation transformers are one such important equipment that enables absolute safety means along with adequate voltage levels.

Remarkably famous companies provide such transformer solutions to diversified sectors – Servomax Limited is a first-class enterprise which is a top isolation transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad, India.

This blog post gives you a brief idea of the excellence of the Company in providing outstanding isolation transformer products.

Know about isolation and ultra-isolation transformers

A common man knows that Transformers are meant to increase or decrease the voltage levels to provide substantial power supply to any equipment. But, isolation and ultra-isolation transformers, which are a special type of transformers are not only meant for voltage regulation but also assure spectacular levels of safety.

Like any other transformer, isolation transformer has primary and secondary winding to step-up or step-down the voltage levels. Its the specialty lies in separating the power supply from the primary side and secondary circuit that is connected to the electronic components and grounded metal parts of appliances.

Generally, the secondary side of the isolation transformer is separated from the grounding. So, while installation, the transformer should not be grounded. This galvanic isolation is possible in case of voltage imbalances and short circuits – so the isolation transformer assures the best safety to any kind of sensitive electric and electronic equipment.

Ultra-isolation transformers, on the other hand, remove the disturbances caused by power sags, surges, shocks, spikes, etc. So, they enable the effective and good quality power supply to appliances. So, the concerned equipment will not be damaged earlier and so ultra-isolation transformers increase the durability of sensitive equipment.

Uses of isolation and ultra-isolation transformers

Both isolation and ultra-isolation transformers are used for sensitive equipment. They provide a high level of safety and protection to equipment and also people around. They are used for –

  • Analytical instruments
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Cell phone networks
  • Large computer installations
  • Scientific equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • CNC machine
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical instrumentation

Benefits of isolation and ultra-isolation transformers

Servocare’s isolation and ultra-isolation transformers are helpful in many ways.

Firstly, we will see the benefits of using isolation transformers.

  • They allow better galvanic isolation to the appliances and save them.
  • They reduce the damages caused by shocks and over-voltages.
  • While testing and servicing different kinds of equipment, they can be used better as they give outstanding safety to the persons.
Isolation Transformers – Servocare

Ultra-isolation transformers are also equally useful like the isolation transformers. Look at their benefits now.

  • They give high protection against bus short circuits, impulse noises, strong lightning, etc.
  • They are even capable to stop higher frequencies – so they save equipment from unnecessary current voltage. Servocare even designs ultra-isolation transformers that can deal with much greater frequency ranges.
  • They are more beneficial to save equipment that uses microprocessors.
  • They make use of special shielding strategies and high-insulation materials for reducing noises.
Ultra-isolation Transformer -Servocare

Servocare Adopts Standard Manufacturing Means

Servocare has become famous for isolation and ultra-isolation transformer manufacturer because of its strict maintenance of quality and safety means. It follows global standards for designing, manufacturing, and testing the customized transformer units. So, it is a mark of trust and respect to its diversified clients across domestic, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Customized Transformer Products and Services

Servomax Limited especially focuses on customer satisfaction. It gives values to its customers’ demands and offer the ultimately effective products across Pan India and abroad as well. Based on the installation mode and place feasible for the customers, the Company suggests and supplies the right suitably designed units to its respective clients. It manufactures these transformers with capacities up to 3000kVA.

Its service and support standards are spectacular – it instantly responds to the customers and gives better service to the isolation and ultra-isolation transformers. Right from oil leakage and refill, and coil replacement to filter checking and so on are done by Servocare’s service teams.

SERVOCARE – A Famous Transformer Brand across India

So, with a multi-level dominance in the manufacture, supply, distribution, export, and service of isolation and ultra-isolation transformers, Servocare captures a famous brand in India. It offers quality power solutions in affordable prices satisfying a wide range of clients.

Servocare by Servomax Limited is the best choice for common people for home-based applications and also for commercial and industrial operations.

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