Improvement of Power Factor by Using APFC Panel

In general, certain key considerations do manage electricity usage and regulation in all places. Especially, in industries, there are such notable power-based elements like power factors that vary industrial operations. No industrial firm runs effectively unless there is a substantial power supply. Furthermore, the appropriate and right utilization of power is very much important. Power factor, an accurate measure of power usage, and its maintenance or improvement is essential for industries. Automatic power factors control panels (APFC panels) splendidly function to improve the power factor. Go through this post to understand the significance of such control panels.

First of all, let’s know what the power factor is.

What is Power Factor?

The power factor is generally a measure to know if you are using the electricity effectively or not. Before going to it, you should know about two important terms – real or actual power, reactive power, and apparent power.

Real power or actual power is the power used to do work on the load.

Reactive power is the power that gets wasted – this is not used by the load or equipment for required work.

Apparent power is the power supplied to the load – this is the sum of real power and reactive power.

Now, we’ll know about the power factor.

The power factor is nothing but the ratio of the real or actual power(used for work) to the apparent power (total power). This means it gives a measure of electric power that is actually and effectively used out of the total power supplied. So, the ratio should be 1 in case of effective power utilization in industries.

Power Factor – An Important Considerate for Industries

As you know, industries accommodate many electric machinery and appliances that include induction motors, mechanical parts, and so on. So, certain resistive and inductive loads that waste certain electrical energy that does not directly impact the performance. However, they use it for some other purposes like inducing a magnetic field for equipment function. With this, the amount of actual power utilized by the machinery is reduced. So, there is a lag in the power factor. What happens then?

If there is a reduced power factor, the electric power supplied is wasted. So, the industries have to face huge electricity bills. Also, the government imposes higher penalties for ineffective power usage.

Then the industries will face a lot of unnecessary expenditures or financial problems.

To avoid this, they must use certain key controllers like control panels to improve the power factor.

Many types of control panels are available nowadays and among them, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC Panels) are the best preferable solutions to all kinds of industries.

What is the APFC Panel?

As said, induction motors and other such electrical loads in industries enable lagging power factor or wastage of electrical energy. Specially designed capacitor controllers or power factor correction capacitors help in improving the power factor. But, manually switching the capacitors on and off based on the fluctuating loads is risky and inefficient. So, automatic control panels have been developed to monitor the motors or other such appliances and manage the capacitor function to maintain the power factor.

APFC panels are those that improve the power factor and help industries to avoid unnecessary and extreme power bills.

Characteristic Role of Power Factor Improvement by APFC Panels

APFC panels have specific electronic control circuit systems to improve the power factor. The latest models of APFC panels incorporate automatic micro-controller-based control systems to manage the capacitor bank. They enable the perfect timely operation of the capacitors that control the current flow and usage so that unnecessary losses are reduced. Within lesser time, the APFC panels manage the power factor and ensure that it is 1 or closer to 1. Highly reliable MCBs or MCCBs, and also capacitor duty contactors used in these panels help in capacitor switching on or off.

APFC panels are, therefore, excellent solutions for industries. They –

Consistently maintain high power factor even under load fluctuations

  • Avoid leading power factor
  • Prevent the power factor penalties
  • Reduce operational losses
  • Monitor the load conditions perfectly
  • Enable user-friendly interface

Ultimately, the APFC panels play an important role in power factor improvement.

Electricity bills nowadays have been rising a lot. The industries must save power and reduce electricity bills. So, today, there is a great demand for the standard APFC panels for industrial organizations.

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