How Online UPS Systems Work

Today’s industrial and home-based activities are not possible without electricity. A continuous supply of power for assorted equipment and machinery is always essential to get the things done. UPS systems are, therefore, prominently used everywhere. In order to satisfy the varied power applications, different kinds of UPS systems have come into existence.

Online UPS systems are one among them which have a great place in many important applications. It’s always better to understand their working mode so that you will get the right idea on their effective usage and maintenance as well. This blog lets you know how online UPS systems work.

Firstly, get a basic note on what a UPS is.

UPS – An Inevitable Power Demand

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply.

As said, it is inevitable for every simple and complex electrical machinery and equipment to get a substantial and uninterrupted power supply. UPS provides quality power continuously to a particular load. It helps the appliances to work even under abnormal electric line conditions. So, your daily operations will not have any negative effect.

If there are any power disruptions, the UPS systems allow you to continue with your work. Thereby, they reduce operational, time-based, and financial delays and losses. UPS systems, therefore, have many applications in industrial, residential, government, and commercial zones.

Online UPS System – Effective Power Appliance

Online UPS systems are the most effective and popularly used power appliances nowadays. They are mainly used to protect sensitive electrical equipment like computers, telecommunication equipment, etc.

They remove the effects of electrical disturbances like power sags, power surges, power failure, over and under voltages, harmonic variations, line noises, and frequency alterations. So, there will be an ultimate quality power supply to the concerned equipment continuously.

Online UPS systems are generally called as double conversion online uninterrupted power supply systems. Their compact sizes, different designs, and capacities vary as per the desired and customized applications. Though they are a bit costlier than the other types of UPS systems, they are preferred for their effective power supply means.

Now, before moving to how they work, let’s have an idea on their important components. Online UPS systems majorly have –

  • Rectifier and Battery Charger
  • Inverter
  • Static Transfer Switch
  • Logic and Control System
  • Battery Bank
  • Diagnostics and Communication Blocks

Some of them are designed with adequate semiconductors such as GTOs, MOSFETs, MCT, etc. Therefore, special control measures (for battery and rectifier) are the best features of online UPS systems.

This simple figure lets you know the components of an online UPS System.

How do Online UPS Systems Work?

In the online UPS systems, during normal and abnormal power line conditions, the power supply from the mains comes to the inverter through the rectifier. This energy charges the battery inside continuously. The UPS corrects the power factor and assures quality power to the load without interruption.

If there is a power failure, the power from the batteries is supplied to the appliances. This happens instantly within no time. So, there will not be any time delay or transfer time. The stored energy from the battery is supplied to the load in this power transition mode effectively.

As the battery is always charged under normal power conditions, the online UPS systems are always ready to supply power even during power alterations. Even high voltage output is also feasible with standard models. The output productive voltage and frequency will never change. So, these systems help in perfect voltage and frequency regulation.

In case of overload, the bypass switch present in the online UPS system will take action. In order to provide a continuous power supply, it connects the load to the mains directly. This is called bypass operation – it assures the safety of the UPS module.

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