Dry-Type Transformer – Maximize Your Investment through Reliable Performance

Perfection right from the simple to complex equipment is essential to carry out efficient power applications. You know, there are plenty of devices that aid in voltage regulation and other necessary activities.

Dry-type transformers are one of the best choices to invest in for spectacular and reliable performance. You’ll be free from various hassles like power issues, voltage changes, and maintenance. Remember, they leave you with the utmost financial and operational gains. Give a break to your huge investments and now, maximize your investment to get dry-type transformers.

  • Dry-Type Transformer – An Ultimate Transformer for Voltage Regulation

A dry-type transformer is a unique model that works for voltage regulation. It also provides ultimate safety means to the industrial equipment, people, and other operational data means. With their uniqueness of no vent systems, they are more preferred nowadays.

Have a look at their special characteristics that erase your unnecessary worries during purchase. Yes, it’s truly the best option to invest only once for reliable performance.

  • Reliable Functioning of Dry-Type Transformers

Like any other transformers, they step-up and step-down the voltage levels based on the primary and secondary windings. Their function is similar to other models of transformers except that they do not have any specific lubricants or oils. The cooling means are fulfilled by the air – so they have the name Dry-type transformers.

However, they can even bear higher voltage capacities – that means – they can deal with very high levels of voltages. Also, some models function well as isolation devices.

So, they have many excellent applications. They are specifically used in –

  • Steel Plants
  • Plastic and Cement Industries
  • Wind Mill Farms
  • Construction Houses
  • Mining Industries
  • Captive Power and Hydro Power Projects
  • Pharma Industries
  • Electric and Electronic Industries

To ensure perfect and reliable functioning, many dry-type transformer manufacturers rely on the best methods to construct them.

Servomax Limited is one of the best dry-type transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad. With the ultimate motto of customer satisfaction, we follow strict global standards like IS 11171 and IEC 76. We provide diversified models of dry-type transformers with capacities up to 3150kVA.

  • Stronger Structural Build

Servomax Limited uses perfect world-class raw materials for coils, insulation, and other special accessories. They specifically use materials like metal, fiberglass, resin, and ceramics to enable excellence in the strength and quality of the build-up units.

They have a specific transformer case that allows better ventilation – it allows the air to flow and cool the primary and secondary coils. In a way to avoid damages due to dirt, corrosive fumes, moisture, and dust, they are designed with cast resin units, cast coil units, and vacuum pressure encapsulated (VPE) units.

Moreover, we also enable characteristic insulation systems like Class H or Class E.

Because there are no lubricants used in this type of transformers, there is no need to embed vent systems for smoke and gases. This makes the best plus point for manufacturers and customers as well.

Let’s know why they are more preferable and helpful.

  • Greater Safety – As they are built with splendid means of construction and testing methodologies, they provide magnificent voltage regulation. They are the ultimate safety aids at many industrial plants. They are coupled with higher efficiency, outstanding capability, and increased emergency overload capability.
  • Nil Maintenance – Another superb feature of dry-type transformers are – they need nil or minimum maintenance. Unlike other transformers, you need not check for the oil or lubricant leakage and filling. You need to just check for the proper flow of air through the coils. So, your maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Eco-friendly Saviors – Our dry-type transformers are Eco-friendly. Let me explain to you.

You don’t find the emissions of toxic gases, smoke, dust, or other particulate matters with the use of these units. So, they avoid air pollution – this is really helpful for various industrial power applications. In a way, they assist in saving nature or environment. In fact, promoted use of such units will encourage the younger generations also to save and use the resources appropriately.

  • Affordable Solution

The dry-type transformers, themselves, are available in affordable ranges. There is also no need to keep on spending on maintenance as they need a minimum or no maintenance. So, it will be only the purchasing and installation costs that you need to bear. Therefore, compared to other types of transformers, they are an economical means for anyone.

SERVOCARE is the trusted brand of Servomax Limited – its products and services are marvelous and spread across India and abroad. It is the best place to get customized dry-type transformers – your applications, installation modes, capacity levels, and other important considerations are given much importance. Finally, you will get the desired model within your budget incomparable to any others in this competitive market.

So, make a smart maximum investment on Servocare’s dry-type transformers and cherish the reliable and efficient performance forever.

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