Distribution Transformers – The Ultimate Power Suppliers for End-Use

At any place, power-based activities are successfully possible with substantial and effective power distribution. Distribution transformers are the ultimate means as the best power suppliers at the end use. They fulfill the power needs of various sectors. Many enterprises like Servomax Limited offer such efficient units worldwide. Go through this useful post to get a clear idea on the distribution transformers.

What are Distribution Transformers?

Distribution transformers are the transformers that enable productive use of current at the end applications. At the power-generation plants, in order to reduce costs, the electricity is produced at low voltages. Later, during transmission to diversified areas, the current passage should be more. So, the voltage will be higher. This high-voltage power, when comes to the end user, may not be useful at that range. So, distribution transformers decrease or step down this high voltage to the required voltage level based on the equipment use or application arena.

Therefore, based on the level of voltage dealt with the units, they are classified as low and medium voltage distribution transformers. They are feasibly used for single-phase and three-phase power applications. With the best insulation modes, there are different kinds and models of distribution transformers that help effective and ultimate power supply at the end.

They decrease the higher voltage of the electricity to lower voltages as required for the power-based uses. There are low, medium, and high voltage distribution transformers.

Applications of Distribution Transformers

As you know, the power requirements for residential, business, industrial, and other spaces vary. So, the distribution transformers are designed in a way to successfully fulfill the adequate power voltage needs. They can be efficiently used for –

  • Cold Storages
  • Clubs
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Food Processing Units
  • Industrial Sectors
  • Light Industries
  • Residential Homes and Villas
  • Rice Mills
  • Rolling Plants
  • Solar Power Applications
  • Telecom Centers
  • Tube Mills
  • Wind Power Applications
  • Power Plant Applications
  • Hospitals
  • Stone Crushers etc


Distribution transformers are beneficial for diversified uses. Have a look at some of their marvelous benefits.

  • Distribution transformers are available in different sizes. They are designed in small and large sizes based on the applications. So, whether you need for industrial sectors, residential purposes, hospitals, commercial malls, or telecom centers, you can get the right-sized distribution transformer easily.
  • They have higher insulation systems. So, they are safe to use. These efficient insulation means enables the unit for prolonged use.
  • They are built with standard designs, methods, and procedures. So, they are highly-efficient, standard, and reliable.
  • Most of the distribution transformer applications need liquid-immersed models. So, they make use of the best oil lubricants for efficient functioning.
  • Distribution transformers are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions like dust, heat, etc. So, they can’t get damaged easily. Thereby, they can be used for longer periods. However, one should ensure proper maintenance and service of the units.
  • They are available in different capacities to fulfill the diversified power needs.

Servocare – The Excellent Branded Service of the Distribution Transformers

Servocare is the popular excellent brand of Servomax Limited. It is a remarkable icon of trust and quality in the relative industrial market. Servocare is well-known for its outstanding supply of distribution transformers. However, with its service-orientation, it enables maintenance or service of the units anywhere in India and overseas.

The customer support of Servocare instantly responds to customer inquiries and provides the required services 24/7. Its spectacular services include –

  • Oil-leakage check and filling
  • Repair and replacement of bushings
  • Quality check of the terminals
  • Ensured maintenance of transformer tank
  • Removal of dust, dirt, sludge, and others by filtration
  • Checking of insulation resistance
  • Regular dissolved gas analysis
  • Breather examination

Frequent and timely maintenance or service of the distribution transformers is essential. This enables better performance of the units. Servocare assures 100% quality-based tests and services to the distribution transformer units offered by Servomax Limited and other companies.

Servomax Limited – The Best Purchase Point for Transformers

Servomax Limited is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified organization. Following the national and international standards like IS, BIS, ANSI, etc., it focuses on quality. Its methodologies, procedures, and strategies give importance to serve the right customers with their personalized needs and desires.

It offers distribution transformers of various capacities up to 3.15 MVA. So, one can easily get the unit with the desired capacity. Based on your installation place, application, and size, Servomax Limited designs the products and offers reliable units to its customers. Also, it is the best place to get distribution transformers at reasonable prices in the market. On the whole, keeping different considerations like quality, standard, efficiency, and price in mind, it can be said that Servomax Limited is the best purchase point for different kinds of transformers including distribution transformers. With substantial information on distribution transformers obtained here, purchase the customized unit from famous companies like Servomax Limited. You can not only get a suitable product but also assured service throughout. Servocare by Servomax Limited will definitely assure a significant development with its outstanding distribution transformers across Pan India and overseas.

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