How to check for the reliability of a transformer?

The appropriate voltage supply is the mandatory need to support proper functioning of different kinds of equipment. Simple electrical equipment, as well as complex industrial machinery, requires specific voltage. Transformers play an important role in maintaining such voltage conditions. Purchasing the right transformer for your power needs is, therefore, important.

However, there are many types and models of transformers – and, you should be able to acquire the standard and reliable ones. This post gives you brief information on how to find the reliability of a transformer.

Transformer Reliability Check

Generally, we effort to buy essential electrical equipment’s like transformers to suit our power needs. We need to calculate the voltage levels for the concerned appliances at homes, malls, hospitals, offices, industries and power generation stations. Then the transformer capacity that regulates the voltage levels has to be calculated. Also, you need to check for its reliability.


There will be certain vital specifications on the transformer device – they enable you to understand the function of the device. Also, you can notice the instructions to follow to install and maintain the transformer. The specifications also include various limitations and restrictions set to operate the device. So, it will be easy for the users to check the specifications and use the transformer accordingly.

As you know, customized transformers can be designed to fit the desired power needs. Still, the device should be maintained well to enhance its longevity. Only reliable transformers will function effectively for more time without any repairs or modifications.

Design Review

The design of the transformers should be in sync with the specifications. When you are purchasing the transformer, you should make sure that all the specifications are included in the transformer design. The design or the structural model should be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Also, the build-up should be strong enough to bear high-levels of heat or voltage conditions to avoid the damage.

Manufacturing Elements

The manufacturing process of transformers should be qualitative and effective. Reliable transformers are produced by the best companies like Servomax Limited as they use world-class raw materials. The steps of production, various testing means, etc. are completed as per the national and international standards. Therefore, ensure that you buy good products from a reputed transformer manufacturer.

Shipment Means

Even if the transformer is manufactured better, the shipment process may alter its structure or function sometimes. Due to transport by road or rail, the device will be exposed to different axial movements. Rough handling and unexpected movements can cause damage – so, you can notice the extent of such issues and the associated damages through the records maintained by accelerometers.

Installation Assistance

The transformer should be installed as per the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. However, this should be done only after conducting many tests like insulation resistance, winding ratio, winding resistance, and insulation power factor. This is because if there are any damages during shipment, you can notice then and avail modifications if necessary.

Maintenance Services

Transformer maintenance services are mandatory. Not only at installation, but the device should also be checked frequently – oil or lubricant check, adjustment of components, winding coils replacement, etc. should be checked in regular time intervals. Servocare is the branded service of Servomax Limited – it is well-known for splendid transformer service. It ensures quality service means to its clients all over India and abroad as well.

Servomax Limited – A Reliable Transformer Manufacturer in Hyderabad

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It offers different capacities of reliable power transformers, distribution transformers, and dry-type transformers. They are even available at affordable prices when compared to others in the market.

So, make the right choice and prefer Servomax Limited’s transformers to assure safety and secured power & voltages.