Benefits of Using Isolation Transformers

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Due to certain simple problems in the power supply systems, sometimes, harmonics, electrical shocks, noise, etc. arise. Equipment damage and repair are the consequent results of such deviations. Do you always face unnecessary financial problems for such power issues?

Then it’s mandatory to use isolation transformers.

It’s now crucial to keep an eye on the power consumption and utilization to enable significant applications. Isn’t it?

Moreover, we must also ensure that electrical devices work with great performance for a long time.

Isolation Transformers are the impeccable means to fulfill these considerations. They are most beneficial offering outstanding safety levels.

Many isolation transformer manufacturers have been offering efficient products and Servomax Limited is one of the famous companies among them. Diversified industrial sectors can successfully obtain the required isolation transformers from it.

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Isolation Transformer – What it is?

Isolation transformers are the transformers that transfer electricity from an AC power source to the device by isolating the particular device from the source to enable safety.

Special Features of Isolation Transformers

Unlike step-up and step-down transformers, they have an equal number of coils in the primary and secondary windings. So, they neither increase nor decrease the voltage levels. But, they have a more significant function.

They provide galvanic isolation that is highly useful for electrical devices. Galvanic isolation is the isolation of different electrical systems preventing the current flow. Instead of direct contact, the electric power is transferred through capacitance, electromagnetic waves, or induction. So, they are especially helpful to avoid the risks of electric shocks.

Benefits of Using Isolation Transformers

Using isolation transformers is very much beneficial for individuals, equipment, as well as organizations. But, what are their benefits? Here they are.

  • Safety

Isolation transformers provide high-levels of safety to different kinds of electrical appliances from power issues. Sudden shocks and voltage fluctuations can damage certain important components of the equipment. Thereby, they even disrupt the normal functioning of the appliances. So, the isolation transformers separate such equipment from the power source and prevent such risks. Therefore, they are ultimately helping to save them and elongate their qualitative life-span.

Remember, hospitals and healthcare centres use sensitive electrical and electronic equipment for diagnostics, treatments, etc. So, doctors, nurses, patients, and other personnel may get prone to sudden damages of such equipment during power voltage problems. Using isolation transformers prevents such unwanted troubles of defective equipment. They not only save costly appliances but also save human life.

Servomax Limited, the best amongst the isolation transformer manufacturers in India, is a favourable choice for a wide range of medical institutions and hospitals.

  • Reduced Surges

Power surges have devastating effects on power-based appliances.  Though such voltage spikes occur for a shorter period, they can severely damage the equipment. But, isolation transformers do not allow such a mess to happen. They protect the equipment by galvanic isolation and, therefore, reduce the surges.

Generally, isolation transformers isolate the DC power signals and so there is no chance of equipment damage due to surges.

  • Noise Reduction

Often, while the signals from audio amplifiers reach the output circuit of the speakers, certain noise disturbances are evident. Isolation transformers put an end to such audio problems. So, they enable noise reduction and improve the performance of such related electrical devices.

These transformers are designed with specific components called Faraday shields. If there are any interruptions in the power flow, these shields block the electric field. So, any electromagnetic noise present in the equipment will get reduced.

Isolation transformers are helpful for many industries. Specifically, telecommunication equipment, CNC machines, remote control equipment, and others work well with the assistance of reliable isolation transformers.

  • Harmonics Correction

Several types of industrial machinery use electronic motors that lead to harmonic voltage distortions. Such harmonic variations result in malfunctioning of the equipment. Isolation transformers are the best solutions for harmonics correction. They are, therefore, excellent saviors of electric and electronic equipment used in industries.

  • Avoid Earthing Failures

Isolation transformers are highly beneficial because they avoid earthing failures. By using these transformers, there won’t be a conductive connection between the earth and the secondary end of the transformer.

  • Improved Power Quality

As said, the Faraday shields of these transformers improve efficiency. They decrease the chances of current leakage. Thereby, they improve the quality of power supplied to the equipment. So, indirectly, isolation transformers increase the durability of the equipment.

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