Assorted Applications of Isolation Transformers.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers are one of the important types of transformers having great applications in diversified fields. Servomax Limited is the best isolation transformer manufacturer in India. It offers standardized and customized units to customers across the nation and abroad too. Isolation transformers are exclusively peculiar and special – they are the best safety means in the concerned applications.

What is the Function of Isolation Transformers?

Based on the diversified uses, the isolation transformers increase or decrease the voltage of the input power. Step-up and step-down isolation transformers with different primary and secondary winding turns operate the transformer units. They also provide better safety to any equipment by galvanic isolation. They separate the device from the main power supply upon any electric shocks. So, they ensure that the concerned electric and electronic appliances are safe and secured for a longer time.


Different Areas Using Isolation Transformers

Servomax Limited isolation transformers are efficiently used in healthcare, domestic, commercial and other industrial sectors. The primary use of isolation transformers is to ensure safety to different types of electric and electronic appliances. Go on to know different areas where you can use isolation transformers.

  • Pulse Circuits

Isolation transformers of smaller sizes are used in pulse circuits for better isolation and protection. The number of primary and secondary winding’s are equal in such transformers. These are separated by extensive and efficient insulation means. As they are small, they are easy to maintain. They are also of low-cost. However, they can be used for even higher levels of voltages. 

  • Medical Equipment

Various types of medical equipment are used in the healthcare industry. Doctors and other administration people engage with such devices. Safety of patients and doctors is always important. So, whenever electric shock or other issues arise, the isolation transformers separate the equipment from the main source and enable the devices’ safety.

Ultimately, there will be no damage to the concerned people in hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other healthcare institutes.

  • Large Computer Installations

Computer labs, software companies, and other governmental organizations which use larger computer installations should be safe from the electrical damages. Any kind of shocks, higher voltages, and other power issues may harm the equipment.

Consequently, huge loss of data may be evident which incurs more financial and technical losses. Isolation transformers separate the computer systems and protect them. Efficient capacities of Servomax Limited isolation transformers care for the different computer installations in different sectors.

  • Scientific Testing Equipment

While testing any equipment, it is necessary for the quality assurance people to prevent themselves from electric shocks. In order to ensure the safety of the personnel and the equipment, isolation transformers are used. So, they avoid any kind of serious damages.

  • Telecommunication Equipment

Isolation transformers are used to provide better quality power to the telecommunication equipment. Surges, spikes, and other such power-related problems may cause an irritating sound which interferes with the normal functioning of such devices. Isolation transformers prevent such problems. They improve the power quality and ensure that the telecommunication equipment is efficient and safe.

Now that you have learnt the uses of isolation transformers, get ready to purchase the standard best quality units for your power needs from Servomax Limited. It offers a wide range of isolation transformer units designed with specialized customization as per your applications and requirements.